THE FUTURE OF MONEY Bernard A. Lietaer About the Author Bernard Lietaer had thirty years of professional experiences, which tend to mutually exclude each . The Future of Money is a book written by Bernard Lietaer, published by Random House in , and currently out of print. It was written as an overview of how. The Future of Money has ratings and 14 reviews. Joshua said: Fascinating! It is especially prescient given that it was published in (!) yet seem.

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The Future of Money

Having the option of using sufficiency-based currencies for part of our needs can make a big difference. Whether we like it or not, there will be some kind of answer for each one of these questions.

These credits complement moeny normal healthcare insurance programme payable in yen, the Japanese national currency. Even the ‘long bond’, the longest- term conservative investment available today in dollars, has a maximum horizon of 30 years. The same life-saving importance was demonstrated at the grass-roots level with the availability of local currencies after the crash of the baht in Thailand duringand the ongoing Redes de Trueque literally ‘barter networks’ active in Argentina for years.

The closest prototypes that we can find in the new millennium for a ‘World in Balance’ is occurring in Ball and some other traditional societies.

Money has always appeared mysterious.

The Future of Money – Wikipedia

Houses have elegant carvings, luetaer are exquisite. The main characteristics of today’s system were pieced together in pre- Victorian England, just in time to trigger the Industrial Revolution. In the real world, there is typically some growth over time in all these variables, and the money system just preempts the first fuyure of that growth to pay for the interest.


Your money’s value is determined by a global casino of unprecedented proportions: This implies that no country should consider itself immune from such problems: To understand this process fully, we need to look beyond appearances.

What gives national monies their special advantage over complementary currencies is the fact that only they are acceptable for payment of taxes and legally recognised for the settlement of debts.

The answer will help to decide the future of humanity and life on earth. Such a combination of more or less conscious choices by the many and guture few shaped a money system remarkably in tune with the pre- Victorian English Zeitgeist, the priorities and moeny of an island country poised to carve out its empire in the world.

This extraordinary Time-Compacting Machine consists of four giant megatrend pistons moving at varying speeds towards the same destination. Rather, it is the limited functionality of our money moneey monetary system that is a major force behind our present disorders. Both propose ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ currencies to compensate for them. What is behind each of these stories is technology related to money. The Chinese ideogram for ‘crisis’ even contains explicitly the root ‘opportunity’.

This means that the key to Sustainable Abundance lies within the money system itself, the very system about which, ironically, we have remained largely unaware until now.

In the process of creating money, your attention will be drawn towards the boring technical aspects, such as mechanisms to foster competition among banks for deposits, reserve requirements, and the role of the central bank in fine-tuning the valves of the system.

The future of money therefore lies not only with the further computerization of our conventional currencies – such as dollars, euros or yen via smart cards and other new information technologies.


Whenever we agree on a transaction, we can always create the money. His eyesight is too week for a driving license, but still good enough for him to enjoy the Zen-like peace of his bushes and rocks, and to notice the first buds of spring breaking through on his dwarf cherry tree. Return to Book Page.

Interest indirectly encourages systematic competition among the participants in the system. Similarly, a change in the nature of our money system has the potential to facilitate a fundamental shift in our societies. A remarkable variety of non-conventional currencies have already been spawned by current information technologies. English Choose a language for shopping.

Full text of “The Future of Money-Bernard Lietaer”

Lists with This Book. There’s a time and a place for everything, and the good things in life take liehaer effort. Oldie but goodie, gets the juices flowing on alternate currencies.

Is this just futurr strange shift in societal values, or is this also a consequence of deep-seated forces in the information economy? I recommend ‘The Future of Money’ to anyone interested in understanding how money works and how we can change it. Marcel Labordere, a French financial journalist, postulated in a letter to Keynes: This is one of the books that helped me understand that money is a human invention, and not natural mechanism, and that was a step toward my current work and passion.

However, until then, or in the absence of reform, these currencies are likely to become of increasing importance to survival.