La Zizanie (Asterix and the Roman Agent) (Une Aventure d’Asterix) (French Edition) [Goscinny, Uderzo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Asterix and the Roman Agent has ratings and 93 reviews. Ahmad said: La zizanie=Asterix and the Roman Agent (Astérix #15), René Goscinnyعنوان: آستر. Buy a cheap copy of La zizanie (Astérix, #15) book by René Goscinny. Julius Caesar resorts to psychological warfare to defeat the little Gaulish village: he’s sent.

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Kontra intelejen yang dilakukan Asterix dan Obelix ke kamp pasukan Romawi menghasilkan strategi pertahanan yang bagus.

Hachette Livre First published by: The resistance of the Gaulish village against the Romans causes friction between dictator Julius Caesar and the Roman Senatewhose power had been reduced by Caesar. Apr 08, Tom Morris rated it it was amazing.

I want to read more: In contrast, in the final banquet panel, Vitalstatistix makes his moving birthday speech in pink. And the Wiki summary starts: Not to mention a marvelous full page spread included in the midst of it.

Leading this distrust are Fulliautomatix the blacksmithGeriatrix the elder, and their wives. Everyone argues with everyone else resulting in copious fights and shouting matches. Sampe bukunya lecek dan akhirnya di bundel supaya gak ilang2an. Oikein mainio premissi ja toimiva tarina.


Has Asterix really sold Rome the secret of the magic potion? I feel that it adds a lot of character depths, and blurs everyone’s motivations quite significantly. Platypus summons reinforcements after Asterix and Obelix repel his garrison.

These have included the lions which were to devour him in the circus and ended up eating each other. The romans plot to conquer the Gaulish village by causing discord among the villagers.

Jan 29, Lelyana rated it it was amazing.

Asterix and Getafix then confront Convolvulus and announce that they and Obelix shall leave the region thus leaving the other Gauls defenceless. Kalo Lz bacanya entah beberapa kali. With their Magic Potion which gives them superhuman strength and is known only to their druid Getafix, they easily stand up against Rome and her laws.

Asterix and the Roman Agent

The Romans get defeated in a battle and Asterix is able to turn the trouble-makers methods against him. Komik terkeren sepanjang masa setelah Tintin. I really love the plots, the characters The idea is to divide the village so that they are too busy fighting amongst themselves to worry about fighting Rome. Suspicion and paranoia increase, until the banquet to celebrate the Chief’s birthday is held in sullen silence.

Mereka tidak akan membiarkan pasukan Romawi mengacak-acak mereka. It culminates in the famous “Battle of the Village” with a four pronged attack and the accidental loss of a Pirate ship. I nostri amici galli ci insegnano che spesso le cose laa sono come sembrano. Does the Ramon agent get the better of Asterix or does Asterix get the better of the Roman agent?


Asterix and the Roman Agent – Asterix – The official website

Refresh and try again. Apr 12, Oliver rated it really liked it Shelves: When questioned by Vitalstatistix, Asterix claims to have merely been “test[ing]” the shield intended as the chief’s birthday present. I’ve been slowly working through the Asteriz series as an adult, and this one has been by far my favourite as yet.

This has always been one of my favourite Asterix episodes. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Goscinny — Drawings by: This results in a sizable battle. He is sent back to Rome for punishment; but already causing arguments on the ship taking him to Rome. La Zizanie Published by: AsterixObelixJulius Caesar. The ugly, creepy looking guy is probably the best and most formidable oppononent the village faced. The Gauls meanwhile take the Romans’ fake potion back to the village, where it is proven useless and the ruse proven false.