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JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials — Polyurethane foam for load-bearing applications excluding carpet underlay — Specification (Foreign. JIS K Flexible polyurethane foam for cushion (FOREIGN STANDARD ). Content Provider Japanese Industrial Standards [JIS]. JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Polyurethane foam for load-bearing applications excluding carpet underlay – Specification This Japanese.

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Sheet-like packing materials formed from polyurethane foam such as gaskets for display devices of cellular telephones have low compressive residual strain due to their fine cell structure and are superior for use as packing materials. Further, this application is based upon and claims the benefit of priority from the prior Japanese Patent Application No. Latest News of the Blog.

Recovery of fluorinated surfactants from a basic anion exchange resin having quaternary ammonium groups. As a result, a cmsslinked structure is formed in which the molecules 10 and 12 are electrically bonded. Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns.

Glass and ceramics industries Paint and colour industries However, the present invention is not limited to the embodiment, and is able to be carried out in various aspects that have been subjected to various alterations and modifications based on the knowledge of a person with ordinary skill in the art. After allowing them to stand for 22 hours, the compressive residual strain of the samples is measured in accordance with JIS K In addition, since aliphatic isocyanates react more mildly with water in comparison with aromatic isocyanates and the like, they suitably function as crosslinking agents of a urethane emulsion.

JIS K – Flexible polyurethane foam for cushion (FOREIGN STANDARD)

In addition, there are no particular limitations on the number of monomers number of monomers with respect to monomers having two isocyanate groups and the number of functional groups number of isocyanate groups of the aliphatic isocyanate, provided that they are values that allow the aliphatic isocyanate to function as a crosslinking agent in an appropriate manner.

This application is a continuation of International Application No. Can be used as the optimal secondary water sealant for for sealing water in public construction and civil engineering as well as for waterproofing water supply systems in household equipment.

In view of the foregoing, an object of the present invention is to provide polyurethane foam that has very fine cells such as cells jiw a diameter of 0. In addition, the aliphatic isocyanate and melamine derivative used as raw materials of the polyurethane foam function as crosslinking agents.

Consumer Series

Construction materials and building FIELD The present inventions are related to polyurethane foam formed by foaming a urethane emulsion and production 64011 thereof. Shipbuilding and marine nis Polyurethane foams of Examples 1 to 32 and Comparative Examples 1 to 10 were produced from the compounded or incorporated raw materials indicated in FIGS. In addition, the anionic foam stabilizer used as a raw material of the polyurethane foam is for ensuring stable foaming.


The following provides explanation of an embodiment of the present invention.

JIS K 6401:2011

The stirred and mixed raw materials are then applied to is the surface of a sheet that has low air permeability, and after adjusting to a prescribed thickness with a doctor knife and the like, the coated raw materials are dried by heating with an oven or drying oven and the like. Consequently, his aliphatic isocyanate having a number of monomers of 3 or more and preferably 3 and a number of functional groups of 3 or more jjs preferably 3 to less than 4 is preferably used as a crosslinking agent.

Hydrophobic HDI isocyanurate, number of functional groups: A high-performance shock-absorbent series with cushioning and shape traceability properties making it ideal for applications such as shoe insoles and sports pads.

Lauryl betaine, pH 7. The physical properties of the polyurethane foams of Examples 1 to 32 and Comparative Examples 1 to 10 produced in the manner described above were evaluated according to the methods indicated below. The polyurethane foam according to claim 1, wherein a urethane resin of the urethane emulsion 6041 a hydrophilic group.

However, the fineness of the cells is able to be increased and the density of the polyurethane foam is able to be lowered namely, pliability is able to be increasedby using the urethane emulsion and the jls foam stabilizer.

In addition, the js JIS K of the polyurethane foam is preferably 0. Company organization, management and quality.

In another example of the 6410 invention, the isocyanate group 4 of the aliphatic isocyanate 2 and a hydrophilic group such as a carboxyl group or hydroxyl group of the polyurethane molecules 12 further react, and the aliphatic isocyanate 2 and polyurethane molecules 12 are chemically bonded.

Polyurethane foam is used in products in various j due to its considerable pliability and cushioning properties. The polyurethane foam according to claim 1, wherein an amount of the anionic foam stabilizer is jid parts by weight to 60 parts by weight in case that an amount of the urethane emulsion is parts by weight. However, it is needed to properly adjust the compounded amount of foam stabilizer even in the case of using both ammonium stearate Anionic Foam Stabilizer 1 and sodium dialkylsulfosuccinate Anionic Foam Stabilizer 2 two types of foam stabilizers as foam stabilizers.

More specifically, in the polyurethane foams of Comparative Examples 3, 4 and 8, a crosslinking agent is not used in the raw materials. Carbonate-based urethane emulsion emulsion of urethane having a carbonate grouppH 8, hydrophilic group: A polyol normally used as a urethane resin raw material may be jos for the polyol, and examples thereof include polyester polyols, polyether polyols and polycarbonates.


High build coating compositions. More specifically, cell status and the surface of the polyurethane foams were evaluated visually.

The aforementioned raw materials are weighed out jiis the compounded amounts weight ratios indicated in FIGS. In other words, these polyurethane foams have suitable pliability. The froth is formed even if a foam stabilizer other than the anionic foam stabilizer is used.

Packaging and distribution of goods As a result, formed is a polyurethane foam 18 that has high strength high tensile strength and in which compressive residual strain is low. In the case that the crosslinking agent is a melamine derivative, the N—H bonds of the melamine derivative electrically bond with the 601 bonds This series can satisfy any fields of customer needs.

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In this manner, the use of an anionic foam stabilizer for the foam stabilizer in the raw 4601 of polyurethane foam, and particularly the use of only an anionic foam stabilizer, makes it possible to realize polyurethane foam having uis recovery properties. Furthermore, the urethane resin of the present invention preferably contains at least one of i sulfonic acid group, a carboxyl group and a hydroxyl group for the hydrophilic group. For example, it is used as cushioning materials, packing materials, gaskets and sealing materials of communication equipment, electronic equipment or the like.

Moreover, the strength jjs density of the polyurethane foam are able to be made to have suitable values by adding a suitable amount of the anionic foam stabilizer. Petroleum and related technologies Although it is possible to use either the aliphatic isocyanate or melamine derivative as a crosslinking agent, the use of the aliphatic isocyanate as is a crosslinking agent is preferable when considering the use of the polyurethane foam as a cushioning material or packing material of electronic equipment and the like.

In addition, the cell diameter of the polyurethane foams was measured. However, when the cells are attempted to be made increasingly fine in order to reduce the thickness of the packing material, the polyurethane does not adequately foam and density becomes high.