There are many misconceptions about Istikhara, but the sunnah method of istikhara is easy and anyone can do it. Here’s a step by step guide. – Urdu Islamic Website Find more at Page 2. Find more at Page 3.

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At present she has left me. Please read our articles about Istikhara to understand iistikhara prayer properly. Allahumma innee astakheeruka bi ilmika wa-astaqdiruka biqudratika wa-as’aluka min fadhlika al-adheem. Wa aqdur lial khayra haythu kaana thumma a-rdhiniy bihee. If you have any fear of Allah, you will refrain from encouraging any girl to marry you against her parents wishes. When Allah wants you to marry, it will happen inshaAllah.

If you istiknara do so in English, please do so. Please let me know. Please read the articles on Istikhara. Hope everything works out well for You, Anum and both of your families insh’Allah.

: Islamic Advice | Salat-al-Istikhara in Urdu

I suggest you stop worrying about who you will marry exactly. Wael is an advocate for human rights and against torture and blogs about these issues at AbolishTorture. We do not perform Istikharas for people, you need to do it yourself. Theres no need to worry. When you do so, please give us some background information and more details about the advantages of one choice over the other, so we have some basis to advise you.


Mohammad Bilal, Islamically your question is nonsense, as Istikhara has nothing to do with birthdates or names. Detailed Dua of Istikhara At this point you will bring to mind the matter for which you are making istikharah. AoA please sone one guide me men 1 kaam krna chahta hon but 4 saal se nhi ho rha kaam yeh k men apne aap men changing lana chahta hon kia istikhara krne se pta chal skta he k kia wja he k mera kaam ruka hoa he kia wo mere lie behter hoga ya nhi please someone Help me!!!!!!

Istikhara is not a machine in which you insert your names and hey presto, you get an answer. Kya istakhara dupher mein hoskta h??? Online Pasand shadi ka istikhara, manpasand shadi ka istikhara center, center istikhara uk, itlay, usa, uae, france, dubai. I ask because I cannot memorize the prayer and would read it from my computer.

It is a prayer asking Allah to guide you to the best decision. Allah said in the Qur’an:. Istikhaarah is a prayer performed to seek Allah’s Guidance and His Help in making a decision.

Sunnah Method of Istikhara

Or nottt and another thng i was commiteed with my cousin ni whom i unlike but i did engagment in the force urru mt parents but i was not at aal agree so i did end of that now what will happen once i asked frm a lady she she is a scholar she said me that i will marry in our relatives truly? It requires patience, trust in Allah and belief in the Qadr. Salaam aleykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu, brother is there any kind of hadith where our beloved prophet muhammed saws did read surah al fatiha and ayat ulkursy between sunnah and fard prayer for fajr prayer.

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I am not showing any submissions under your user name or email. Fortress of Muslim, with proof from hadith on how to perform it. Mujhai b apni shadi ka istakara kr wana hai. It has to be performed by one who is taking the decision.

What is Salat_al-Istikharah | istikhara in Urdu | istikhara Dua ~ online istikhara center

If you wish advice, please submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment on an existing post – that way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

For surely You have Power; I have none. Few marriage proposals came and got rejected due to my self unemployee.

If you cannot memorize the dua, then write it on a small piece of paper and read it from there. If you all took a few minutes to actually read our articles here on istikhara, you would find the answers to your queries.