This is now followed by a notfication dated 12 July titled “IRDA (Treatment of Discontinued Linked Insurance Policies) Regulations ”. A summary of the . IRDA (Treatment of discontinued Unit Linked Policies) Regulations The lock-in period for ULIPs (and any rider issued with a ULIP) has been increased. In order to ensure fair treatment to the policyholder, IRDA has taken several single premium for the purpose of insurance cover Charges on ULIPs should be .

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Also there were a host of charges under different names which were being applied to your policy and only a fraction of your money was actually being invested.

Link to Institute of Actuaries of India. Historically it has been proven that a longer investment horizon increases the chance of better returns when invested in the markets.

In particular, IRDA has been conscious of how these changes have been impacting irdw policyholder and has taken several steps to bring in changes in the regulatory framework to address various concerns of the policyholder. Further, the regulations also enable IRDA to order refund of discontinuance charges in case they are found excessive on enquiry.

This is a step in guidslines correct direction as insurance should be as a tool for long term investment. Motor Third Party Obligation. So, as the names suggests, your money is locked in. J Hari Narayan Chairman.

And most of these norms are a remarkable improvement over the existing norms. For Regular Premium policies — Sum assured should at least 5 times the annual premium or Rs. The IIB has started functioning and has already made good progress.

IRDA – Unit Linked Products

The following regulatory initiatives have been approved by the Authority during the Board meeting on Annual reports of the Authority. Chances are your returns would be better then. Programmes to advance understanding of RTI. Our Products Motor Insurance. Guidelknes set up an exclusive Consumer Affairs Department that focuses on consumer related issues and initiatives including grievance redressal and consumer education irxa Insurance Awareness Campaigns.

  ASTM D1265 PDF

For Regular Premium policies — Sum assured should at least 7 times the annual premium. In case of whole life contracts, term T shall be taken as 70 minus age at entry.

Also, no partial withdrawal shall be allowed during the accumulations period. Further, all unit linked products, other than pension and annuity products shall provide a mortality cover or a health cover thereby gudielines the risk cover component in such products.

For Regular Premium policies — Sum assured should at least 10 times the annual premium.

Minimum Sum assured for age at entry of 45 years and above. As a result, if one exited early, or even after 5 to 7 years, they would rarely get back even the amount which they have invested. Critics had been shouting foul that ULIPs hardly offer any insurance cover for the amount of money that was being invested, hence making them more of a investment tool rather than a hybrid product which offers a healthy mix of guidelunes insurance and investment. At no time the annual health cover shall be less than percent of the total premiums paid.

ULIPs norms changed and changed for the better. Good luck on that front!

Unit Linked Products

Those wanting to invest for shorter periods should use mutual funds, direct equity or other ava ilable tools under the guidance of a trusted financial advisor. Very often to see some benefits in the short term period we forget the importance of have a large insurance cover which is the entire purpose of guidwlines an insurance policy. IRDA has, from time to time, taken various initiatives for protecting the interests of policyholders by bringing irea Regulations, Guidelines, Circulars etc applicable to insurers and intermediaries covering the various stages in the lifecycle of an insurance product, commencing from solicitation, sale, policy servicing, to claims servicing and grievance redressal.


The entire top-up amount used to go into the investment component and would not result in any increase in the amount of mortality cover that would be provided to the insured. Single Premium SP contracts: All ULIPs now have an increased death cover mortality or health cover depending on the type of policy. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

New ULIP Guidelines – Change in ULIP norms for all life insurance companies

Regular Premium RP contracts: This has been put in place to ensure that the policy holder stays with the insurance policy for a longer period of time as the benefits for most investment products need some time before they start making money.

Any additional payments shall be treated as single premium for the purpose of insurance cover. Distribution channel related changes: This is a great improvement to have in the ULIP category and makes it a better hybrid product with a good component of insurance to go along with the investment component.

Link to IIB’s website. So go in for a ULIP, only if you have a minimum 5 year horizon — if possible till the end of the policy term. Difference between Gross Yield and Net Yield. This rule makes it a rather attractive proposition for the policy-holder where he is not completely at the mercy of the markets.