‘hiriko’ is a foldable urban electric vehicle, based on MIT media lab’s ‘citycar’. ‘ hiriko’ is a compact electric urban mobility vehicle, capable of. hiriko folding car to go on sale next year ultra compact Those of you who often have to drive into a busy city will know all too well how much. The car in question was called the Hiriko and was produced by a small Spanish company based in the Basque Country. A few hours later, the.

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The car is designed to go about miles on a charge, and its battery packs would be interchangeable. The whereabouts of the Hiriko car remain a mystery.

But why did this promising auto never hit the road? The door is on the front. Turns are made by moving the yoke control left or right. NPR reached out to all seven officials under indictment, either directly or through their companies or lawyers.

hiriko collapsible electric city car

Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption. The company is currently in receivership, with its assets frozen. Most say uiriko had the impression that their bosses had no idea about how to run a company. If you need an SUV to haul cargo or kids, this is not the car for you.

Vitoria 9 ABR – The variable wheelbase concept of the Hiriko first featured in the Renault Zoom concept car. It takes us wherever we want to go — but it gets caught in traffic, is a pain to park if you live in a city, and pollutes the air. Outside of the abandoned headquarters of Epsilon Cwr, one of hirko companies tasked with building the Hiriko car in Spain. Today, the building seems abandoned, a flock of geese nesting at its entrance. The electric car was to be the commercial implementation of the CityCar project developed by the Massachusetts Institute ihriko Technology Media Lab since They call it Hiriko, and built a prototype with seven small firms from the Basque region of northern Spain.


Archived from the original on Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. By using this site, cra agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It had the power to transform economically depressed fishing villages in the Basque Country into hubs of high-tech creativity, its backers said. Production aiming for 20 test pre-production cars began in July in Vitoria-GasteizSpain.

The concept behind the Hiriko urban electric car was originally conceived by William J. In the end, hiirko the 20 prototypes promised at the Brussels launch, just one car was completed, with a further two half finished. But if you live in a crowded city, or have had to navigate the narrow streets biriko many European cities, you may see its appeal. Electric cars Battery electric cars Electric city cars. Knocks at the door turned up no answer.

The government stated that financing for commercial development must come from the private sector and that the Basque Government was willing to continue participating with venture hiroko funds once the Hiriko obtained official industrial approval for production.

MIT is a nonprofit institution. Creators of the original CityCar didn’t know where to find the Hiriko either and they emphasize that a firewall limits their involvement with the commercial production of their inventions. Hiriko means “urban car.

Will it work in older cities?

CityCar: Hiriko Fold-Up Car of Future – ABC News

The rise and fall of the CityCar illustrates the challenges of inventing the transportation of the future. Views Read Edit View history. And the wheels are mounted at the corners of the chassis, so the car acr turn in place if necessary, or even move sideways. There was a tremendous amount of excitement about the design, and in Europe some leaders saw the CityCar as the solution to many urban ills. But the inventors are not in mourning. People involved with the project tell NPR that several prototypes were built in Spain.

Only one test vehicle and two semi finished ones were ever produced. Retail deliveries were scheduled to begin in The entire front of the Hiriko opens for easy access, and the controls swing out of the way. Cameras clicked and both ca beamed. The PNV, which heads the Basque regional government, has refused to do so, saying the prototype was developed, but it was the sales and hirjko aspect of hiriio project that failed. In DecemberHiriko and Deutsche Bahn announced an agreement to start a carsharing pilot program in Germany in to integrate the Hiriko Fold into Deutsche Bahn’s railway service to allow their customers the possibility of using acr vehicle parked at the station with which to complete the last mile of the journey to their final destinations.


Barroso climbed into the car and got a demonstration from Jesus Echave, the Spanish chairman of the Hiriko consortium.

How A Folding Electric Vehicle Went From Car Of The Future To ‘Obsolete’

But some former employees of the company, who prefer not to give their names, say the project was based on unworkable premises from the start, and that production estimates were wildly unrealistic, pointing to poor planning and project management.

The conventional steering wheel and the brake and throttle controls were replaced with a device similar to a airplane’s yoke. The then-president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso leftand Jesus Echave, the Spanish chairman of a consortium of seven small Basque companies, sit together in a prototype of the Hiriko car, during a event in Brussels.

Afypaida ceased operations in Apriland laid off all of its employees, some of whom are now suing for severance pay.

And they need to have some qualities of magic. The Hiriko was to be designed specifically for short-distance urban carsharing programs and municipal fleets.