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Return to Book Page. Preview — Galaktyka w ogniu by Ben Counter. Gorusa tom cyklu Herezja Horusa! Patrz, jak brat zabija brata. Paperbackpages.

Horus Heresy

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Horus Heresy – Wikipedia

A disappointing conclusion to the Horus Heresy trilogy. Characterization has gone flat. Favorite characters have been pushed into the background. Prose is too pedestrian, YA’ish. The storyline has devolved into unbelievable, rather absurd. The first two books were awesome. I’m moving on to Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s Ghosts. Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill crafted a great set up, that is very poorly executed in this novel.

Fulgrim: Herezja Horusa – Warhammer : Graham McNeill: Books

The prose is childish, the pace clunky, and the writing style is ugly. Avoid unless your a completist. Third of the “Give Heresey a chance” set due to a request by Dan Abnett, and it is the most entertaining of the lot.

That doesn’t really say a whole lot. My reason for not reading the Heresey before was the impression that it looked like “Space Marine Battles on Steroids”. Of the first three, the most entertaining and the hereaja one to remove even an iota of apathy about the fates of the characters was the one that most fit the “Space Marine Battles on Steroids” descriptor.

The main problem I have Third of the “Give Heresey a chance” set due to a request by Dan Abnett, and it is the most entertaining of the lot.

Herezja Horusa

The main problem I have comes from the virus bombing which marks the overt start of Horus’ insurrection. Given the setting and the existance of Nurgle within it, I can feed the Life Eater virus to my suspension of disbelief and accept it’s cross-species virulence.


My problem is with the firestorm. The premise is that the rapid decay of biomass releases flammable gasses into the atmosphere, and after the virus has burned itself out these are deliberately lit to burn off the remainder of the biosphere. I don’t know if anyone bothered to brush up on stoichiometry before designing that part. Gases are not innately flammable, it is the mixture of fuel and oxygen which determines how well they will ignite. Too much gas and there’s not enough oxygen to react with, too little and the fuel is too diffuse to carry a flame.

It’s a matter of narrow percentages. Also, in an atmosphere within the stoichiometric ‘butter zone’ for a given horksa mixture, any spark or heat source will trigger the flame. This atmosphere is accumulating over a battlefield where people are fighting with explosives, flamers, laser and plasma weapons. Not to mention spreading over cities which would be rife with their own industrial ignition sources. The chances of it waiting for the lance strike from the Vengeful spirit are nil.

The moment it reaches the proper ratio, it is going up. It’s equally bad after the firestorm. Supposedly the horuss biosphere has been burned off in a firestorm that should have absorbed all of the loose oxygen in herezna atmosphere. Yet, the survivors are depicted as fighting for months afterwards without independant air supplies, indeed often without helmets.

How are they breathing? Still, getting past that big stumbling block, the rest of the yarn is at least mildly entertaining, though it contains yet more reasons why no one in their right mind would put Angron in charge of a legion. OK-ish but feels like reading a Warhammer strategy game post-action report.

Horus characters didn’t have time to be characters, they were too busy warring. Some new plot lead starters for the next books but nothing major. The worst of the three and just a notch above comic book in terms of literary quality but as addictive as wee bit of crack.

Este libro es, sobre todo, relleno. Pero bien, lo deja todo dispuesto para el gran final. This series had bright moments but also a lack of character development. The first book was really so so good, I couldn’t imagine the next 2 being too bad.

But they were less good. If I wasn’t feeling a bit completist about this particular trilogy I would have put them down. This book, part 3, was just ok. Am I the only one who thinks that Horus is a dumb ass? I mean the greatest being ever created except for the Emperor himself and he keeps getting played like a violin. I actually like this series and will continue to read but some of the illogical moves that main characters make in this and the last novel were a lot to swallow.


The third Horus Heresy novel, Ben Counter, Still unremarkable, but heezja to keep you following, assuming you picked it up because of Warhammer 40,in which case you kind of have to read this.

A largely disappointing episode in the Horus Heresy series. I learned nothing new about the events of Istvaan III as the players and pieces moved herzeja into place. After such a good start by Abnett and McNeill the Heresy has begun to founder. Horus puts his plans into action by neutralizing those who may try to hinder his plans. I am finding the pacing of these stories too slow.

The 1st 3 books could very well have been done in chapters instead of 3 books. If it takes 20 books to tell this story I jerezja think I can stay with it.

Lee Riley rated it it was ok Sep 28, Eoghan rated it it was ok Mar 01, Ed rated it it was ok Jul 14, Steven rated it it was ok Jul 18, Evol rated it it was ok Apr 20, Scotty D rated it it herezka ok Berezja 21, Tom Hallam rated it it was ok Mar 22, Robert Wyssbrod rated it it was ok Mar 17, Sandra Vila rated it it was ok Mar 10, Ignas rated it it was ok Aug 23, Dale Metcalfe rated it it was ok Sep 15, Benjamin rated it it was ok Oct 25, horuxa Krakerinj rated it it was ok Nov 08, Roig rated it it was ok May 02, Brown rated it it was ok Oct 27, Harry rated it it was ok Dec 23, Laewyr rated it it was ok Dec 05, Dale rated it it was ok Jan 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He is an ancient history graduate and avid miniature painter with a bronze demon under his belt. Other books in heeezja series.

The Horus Heresy 1 – 10 of 78 books. Books by Ben Counter. Trivia About Galaxy in Flames.

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