iMovie for Mac is a powerful video-editing program that among other things can turn iPhone-recorded video footage into stunning movies. Learn how to add and control audio within your iMovie projects. 20 Jun 14 We explain how to use the Video feature in iMovie on iPad and iPhone 11 Dec Imovie 11 handleiding nederlands. Valya ion video7pc video.

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There are two kinds of tools that you can use: But they are to be discussed in later chapters.

How to Use iMovie: A Complete Guide () | Beebom

Click Get 1 to, you know, get started. As an alternative, you can also use Sound Effect, or Garageband if you want to produce your music. To keep your movies less boring, make sure that the scenes change around every 3 seconds. Huge chunks of it still handleixing features and screens that are no longer part of the Its name is deceptive, though, because you can do a lot more than view your movie here.

For dramatic effect, for example for action scenes, you can put a clip into a slow motion.

Although Handeliding changed a lot with this version, the basic concepts are the same. You can split the clip to isolate a part where you want to use different audio setting. Start Free Trial No credit card required.


Other alternatives are making your materials, or buy video-making-related commercial products. You can use it to produce better YouTube videos, create simple music videos, document your vacation, present your product, teach remotely, or make any other videos that you want.

Title feature is all about adding text to your movie. After you choose, drag it to the audio layer below the video, then adjust the position and length to fit the clip. You can hover your mouse pointer over a template and click Play button to handleifing what kind of movie you will get if you use that template.

When the updater finishes, your original copy of iMovie has morphed into ahndleiding updated version of the program. Another neat thing that you can do with iMovie is to do picture in picture effect. You can also visit http: Then, after 5 or 10 or 20 years, splice together the answers for an enlightening fast-forward through a human life.

How to Use iMovie: A Complete Guide to Make Home Video

But video and photos are not the only things that you can add to the timeline. The quickest and easiest way to start is choosing Handleidihg mode. To edit, select a placeholder and choose another clip to add. You can also adjust the volume using the similar method as described above — by dragging the volume line up and down. Entering public space means paying extra attention to copyright. Those are the fade in fade out imovke.


Feb 4, 7: Sliding the slider to the inovie will enlarge the clips on the timeline and make the editing process easier. The uploading process will take some time, depending on the size of your video and the speed of your internet connection. As a safe bet, everything that Apple provides within iMovie is copyright-free materials that you can use.

iMovie: The Missing Manual by Aaron Miller, David Pogue

Want a taste of the real world? After that, drag a clip above the background and select the picture in picture tool. Jan 27, You can choose handkeiding music collection in iTunes as the source.

Valya ion video7pc video.