Ride the Wave A Step-by-Step Guide for Success As an Enagic Distributor [ Gerald Kostecka Jr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. volume. Ride the Wave: Edition 6: The Going 6A Edition – A step-by-step guide for success as an Enagic Distributor [Gerald Kostecka, Nick Gonzalez] on Amazon. com. Ride the Wave: A Step-by-Step Guide for Success As an Enagic Distributor. Gerald Kostecka Jr. from: $ More by Nick Gonzales. Because I Choose to.

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Gerald is a successful Enagic Distributor and a recognized leader in the industry.

A distributor sinceGerald moved up the ranks very quickly, achieving the rank of 6A in less than 6 months. He has helped tens of thousands of distributors become successful and his book, Ride The Wave, is the best selling distributor guide in Enagic, with gerzld 30, copies in circulation.

In addition to two books, five magazines, eight brochures, a newspaper and numerous other tools and resources, Gerald has authored hundreds of industry related articles and reports.

Up until now the majority of these resources have been kstecka exclusively for his direct team members, but Gerald felt that it was important for all distributors to have access to this important information. So, he absorbed the cost to register and host this website and created a free distributor “hub” of information, allowing both new and established distributors access to resources that will help them as they get started or continue to build and grow their business.


However, not all water is created equal :: • Irvine, CA

Kostecka is an award winning leader in the Alkaline Water Industry, specializing in improved health through hi-technology hydration. He is a sought after authority on ionization technology and has been featured as a keynote speaker at some of the largest alkaline water conventions in North America. He has been researching the most effective hydration techniques available in the world today since the beginning of He is the author of two industry related books and has become one of the foremost experts on the different machines in this emerging market.

He has helped lead and train tens of thousands of independent business professionals around the world and understands traditional business, as well as the direct sales industry. Gerald has also been an important part of numerous major projects in the business.

He helped produce demonstration videos featuring Pat Boone and Elvis Stojko, which have become the most influential and watched demo videos in the industry. He has organized and coordinated some of the largest distributor training events in the world, including the Enagic Global Convention in Las Vegas, NV.


He has fused his extensive and diverse experience in traditional business with his new found understanding and appreciation of health and hydration to create a very successful enterprise.

People everywhere are discovering the life changing power of Kangen Water®

Gerald has been interviewed for print articles, on iostecka radio shows and nationally televised television talk shows. Gerald is also very active in the community and with charitable organizations, including working closely with Denise Brown of the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation.

Access to Reading for Kids. Gerald’s most recent community activism has been as the coordinator and sponsor of the Operation Connect special events with US Kostefka deployed in Iraq. There have been four separate events, connecting more than deployed service members with over family members, including a few Marines that got to see their newborn children for the very first time.