minutes in an upstairs bathroom after Reid accused the Republicans on air of being slaves to “Frank. Luntz’s talking points.” I can only imagine what he would. “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.” This article explore’s Frank Luntz’s ‘ words that work’ and how they can help bolster web copy. Words That Work has ratings and reviews. William said: Eye-opening! Let’s be clear, Frank Luntz is a tool, and he’s personally responsible for.

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Luntz suggests other ways they could have shared their message, potentially avoiding the disaster that happened. In fact, I think the author makes exactly 1 joke in the entire book and I forgot all the stories already.

It never fails to amaze me how easily people misread what they’re told or what they hear or read. I make my living with words.

Be direct; be repetitive; use simple language.

Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear

Sometimes victory is just not enough. According to Doctor Luntz, who has no doubt tested every word in polls and focus groups, changing the name of an activity from gambling to gaming, transforms not just the image but the activity itself, from a destructive and risky behavior to good clean fun.

Credibility, in this case, rests with the speaker and that is a judgment best left to each reader. OK, there’s my political rant. The nation’s premier communications expert shares his wisdom on how the words we choose can change the course of business, of politics, and of life in this country In Words That WorkLuntz offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the tactical use of words and phrases affects what we buy, who we vote for, and even what we believe in.

How do corporations like Enron deal with scandals and avoid government oversight? However, it is not necessary to agree with his politics to get value out of this book.

What we say to each other and how we say it conditions how people respond to each other. Happy you like our opening email! Brief, consistent and aspirational. And, this tax only applies to multimillionaires and billionaires, yet it sounds like it would apply to the common person. Those ratings do not do justice to the research and analysis that went into the conclusions of the book.


Words That Don’t Work | HuffPost

See 2 questions about Words That Work…. Worxs doesn’t go into how to sustain the impact of specific words and thoughts throughout a larger context, like a proposal response or longer forms of communication.

Boxer could have been a constructive opponent. Frank Luntz came across as a pompous, arrogant idiot.

I know the satisfaction that comes aords delivering that decisive verbal blow. Set up a giveaway. The message from the electorate in November was ‘ work together and compromise. Ask Doctor Luntz Answer: Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

How it’s used to encourage, to build and to grow; or how it’s used to criticise, to demean or devastate.

The key to successful communication is to take the imaginative leap of stuffing yourself into your listener’s shoes to know what they are thinking and feeling in the deepest recesses of their mind and heart. Unfortunately, here’s where the book becomes really dated, as he makes predictions for franl wins and a further worvs to the right of America, all of which has been pretty much negated in the past six years. The author’s anecdotes make him sound a bit arrogant at times and his work majorly with the Republican party may annoy people The Democrats – flush with majority status – have a crucial choice right now.

I really appreciated the analytic and in-depth way the author presented his ideas and lunta them up with examples. He told us that they were wrong and that there were plenty of wokr opportunities for people with English degrees. Speaker Pelosi callously suggesting that President Bush is moving quickly to ” put troops in harms way ” is a short jump away from suggesting that the President is deliberately trying to get our soldiers killed.

They would be wise to opt for the latter. Every occasionally, I think about “words”.

With chapters like “The Ten Rules of Successful Communication” and “The 21 Words and Phrases for the 21st Century,” he examines how choosing the right words is essential.


Start by examining the words you use. I wasn’t expecting this one to be so political. And finally, remind people that you are in fact what you say you are. An example of how the above rules can be applied to a stump speech delivered by Hillary Clinton outlining the ‘four big goals’ she would have as president in September Frank uses his knowledge of words to help more than two dozen Fortune companies grow.

So, I was forced to begin the focus group with the tape of Perot himself talking. Frank Luntz, America’s premier communications expert shares his wisdom on how the words we choose can change the course of business, of politics, and of life.

His 10 rules are the most worthwhile takeaway from this read. But at the end of the day, people will recognize petty vindictiveness for what it is. Instead, this is focused on words as catch phrases and as such it works very well for people that write advertisements and election campaign slogans and such.

What Categories Reveal About the Mind. As the one star I awarded indicates, for the most part it was not tolerable.

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Luntz gives here is now outdated particularly in the Trump era. For example, if you want to cut off all aid to the poorest of the poor, you don’t say you that you are slashing Social Security, instead you say you are “ending entitlements. His examples provide insight into how much work is involved behind the scenes to test and re-test until what people hear matches what you are saying the description of how dial sessions work is worth exploring further.

Throughout the book, as he shares anecdotes of companies and politicians who communicated well or not so wellhe explains which of the rules were followed and which were broken. This is as important as wori.