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A highly parallel algorithm for turbulence simulations in planetary boundary layers: Results with meshes up to 3. Encyclopedia easl Atmospheric Sciences A grid nesting method for large-eddy simulation of planetary boundary layer flows.

Boundary-Layer Meteorology80 Dynamics of winds and currents coupled to surface waves. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics42 Large eddy simulations and observations of atmospheric marine boundary layers above non-equilibrium surface waves.

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Composite structure of plumes in stratus-topped boundary layers. Large-eddy simulation of a stratus-topped boundary layer.

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Implications for mixed-layer modeling. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences44 Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences43 On the use of large-eddy simulations in lagrangian particle dispersion models. Atmospheric Sciencesaccepted. Influence of idealized heterogeneity on wet and dry planetary boundary layers coupled to the land surface.

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The model and a priori tests. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences59 A subgrid-scale model for large-eddy simulation of planetary boundary-layer flows.

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