Hello, Here are the codes where I got data to display in silverlight datagrid as following: QueryTask queryTask = new QueryTask(URLService);. Hello I want to export graphics layer to kml file or shape file in silverlight Is there any example codes here? Best regards. I have drawn polygon using SketchEditor Xamarin (Android & iOS) Geometry geometry = await sync(SketchCreationMode.

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The following issues should be considered when preparing map contents for use with the PrintTask: I cannot load data from my server. View 3 sub-spaces Hide 3 sub-spaces. Make sure the REST endpoint for the service is available. Additionally, simple symbols that have a custom ControlTemplate applied on the client will also be downgraded.

Partial transparency defined using the Symbol. If the PictureFillSymbols are not selected, only the outline displays. If silverilght can’t find an easier silveelight to this, and would like to try it, I will send you some code.

However, a Silverlight application can load data across domains if permission is granted from the server. Ssri your Silverlight application is not hosted on the same server or domain as the data services you are accessing, you need a clientaccesspolicy. When the user queries the data and expoft it in the DataGrid, the user has the option to export the data to PDF. Widgets placed on the page below can be configured by selecting the symbol. To generate correct PictureFillSymbols, ensure that the height and width are proportional to the original image.

Export Web Map

How can I get lat long of all points? You don’t have JavaScript enabled. To feature content, go to the discussion, document, or blog post you want to feature and click “Feature this” in the list of actions on the right.


At this point, I send all the query parameters back to server, and query the data directly from the database using a stored procedure I am using an XY table, and can directly use T-SQL, and the data expor updated nightly, so it doesn’t changewhich is then bound to an ASP. If you need to print different geometries, put each geometry type in its own GraphicsLayer.

Export Web Map—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Tasks return a limited number of features. In addition, track lines appear on top of marker symbols. The KML specification of 2. Custom symbols on the client are “downgraded” to simple symbols. If not, iterate through consecutive blocks of results on the client by silverlighr the field that contains a unique key for example, primary key to track progress. Color alpha opacity property for symbols in a ClassBreaksRenderer is ignored. As a result, time animation, photo overlays, and schema tags will not generate appropriate output.

Try convincing your users first.

To show a Legend, layers must have the Layer. PictureFillSymbols must be selected on the client to display correctly. Hi, Thank you for your idea inputs. This is accomplished by having a small clientaccesspolicy.

Accessing a Silverlight application on a web server returns error code in the browser Problem: Anyone with rights to administer content here may feature content. edri

Send the query parameters, produce the report and spit it out as a PDF. I cannot load data from an external data source outside my application’s domain To access data from a remote server a different server from the one where your Silverlight application is hostedthe remote server needs to have a clientaccesspolicy. In this topic Problem: See Discovering services for more information.


HeatMap layers created on the client are not yet supported. View 5 sub-spaces Hide 5 sub-spaces. For example, do not use a single GraphicsLayer that has both points and polygons; separate them into a point GraphicsLayer and a polygon GraphicsLayer.

Therefore, I must research the best way to do it. Choose a layout and drag widgets onto your Overview Page to customize it. View 11 sub-spaces Hide 11 sub-spaces. How to Get polygon points from Geometry in Xamarin Android? They include the following problems: It is probably not the best solution, but the only one could find at the time.

I cannot load data exxport an external data source outside my application’s domain. Add the following MIME types:. Are you sure you want to delete this announcement?

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. And just how xilverlight you do these actions? Outfields; otherwise, all features in the FeatureLayer will display in the print output.

There will be no further updates to the product or its documentation. FeatureLayers will only display Legend items that are viewable in the current Map extent.