Concentration. Mouni Sadhu. 3. PREFACE. This book has been written to bridge the gap between the many existing theoretical works on mental concentration. Concentration Concentration Concentration tells you how to attain the power to control and focus the operation of your mind. In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the. Title, Concentration Mandala Books. Author, Mouni Sadhu. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Mandala Books, Original from, the University of California. Digitized.

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For them, prayer is something much closer and understandable, as well as instinctively far more natural. Among the special prayers and exorcisms which were used to combat the attacking evil forces, was one that attracted my notice by its exceptional force and depth, which helped concentration more than anything I had known previously.

That God is a person and is something separate from the life created by Himself; saehu our relationship to Him is like that of opposite poles or the two sides of a coin, i.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

The second term, spirituality, transcends this mmouni of illusion, and for a spiritual man the pronoun I becomes identical with the consciousness of the Whole. Although, in some instances, more time is needed for the passage from the elementary to the advanced series, than from the fourth to the final group.

Too often the interests of both—man and his mind—are opposed. So how does this help us practically. Yes, this would seem logically to be true, but in my experience, not speaking of my goals always ended up being helpful.

Mouni Sadhu

If people decided to walk only with the aid of sticks or crutches, their limbs would soon become weak and useless. K rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Be careful not to start any exercises before cooncentration the certainty of this for yourself, if you want to avoid disappointment when trying to gain practical powers of concentration. The most practical book I have read so far. If the famous Imitation of Christ by Thomas sahdu Kempis is studied, it will be seen that yogis do not possess the monopoly of the state of Samadhi.

Our consciousness is a fragment of His consciousness, no matter how infinitesimal it may appear to us at first sight. The wise person uses this knowledge as his guide, while the fool merely tries to free himself from the circle, from which there cannot be any escape. The striving after these occult powers as an aim, is wrong and does not take 53 Concentration The Western Tradition Heart before Mind us closer to the spiritual realization of being.


The necessary psychological and concentrtion explanations will be kept to the minimum essential for the student to mojni him to start his exercises with a reasonably clear understanding of what and why he is doing it. When we are able to approach such a sublime form of prayer, then we may be able to understand why the highest type of meditation by far transcends those appearing in books, and is very close to the ideal prayer-meditation, as shown by the great Rishi Ramana Maharshi when he says: However, the reverse of this, i.

When stricken by disease, the great saints do not usually seek a cure, for they have practical knowledge of the source of suffering and infirmity and their meaning. You can observe the following simple example for yourself: Nowadays, new currents of thought entering Western psychology, are coming from the old Hindu Advaitic philosophy and these are vividly discussed and dissected in European scientific circles.

It is not concentrated. One is a mode of communicating information the other is a mode of communicating emotions and feelings. Jun 10, Dave Romain rated it it was amazing. Western occultism as well as Eastern Yoga often claim their methods to be all-curing or disease preventives. But everything is limited in this physical world. If you read mohni meditations and instructions of St Ignace Loyola written by him for the members of the order which he founded, it is certain that, providing you are acquainted with them, you will immediately think of Raja and Bhakti Yogas.

Concentration a Guide to Mental Mastery: M. Sadhu: : Books

I just recently got over a major hurdle that has appeared since I have started the exercises again. This will also be explained, when you finish your training, at the end of Chapter XXI. Only, in the Western countries the heart aspect predominates, and the mind’s subordination follows later.

It would not be much use trying to perform them as if they were an annoying and unpleasant task. Izz rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Did these exercises of physical endurance bring any real ability, or were they only temporary stimulants and conditioning of outer circumstances?


It is the state of dream during sleep, in which we still have the idea of ‘I’ and ‘Non-I’ or ‘I’ and all the ‘other things’ that constitute the physical world. Anyway, the writer was greatly helped by developing the idea of separateness between man and his mind, apart from the fact that his spiritual master had affirmed that such a division is useful and corresponds closely to the actual truth.

Sherbon rated it really liked it Mar 14, Every time I do it, I find something new. They are all based on the training of the attention, making it possible to fix it on one simple object of thought, by first using the power of visualization.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery by Mouni Sadhu

The Christ called it—’the Perfect Truth’, and ascribed to it all possible powers ‘If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain: Firstly because of too theoretical an exposition, often written more as a kind of compilation from borrowed materials, rather than from personal experience. In Days of Great Peace and Concentration. Often mpuni you need to use concnetration mind-brain, it refuses to co-operate and finds many excuses such as fatigue, lack of time, anxiety, etc.

He was not a religious leader whose role is limited to a few generations of men, but all religious truths became clear and understandable in the light of his revelation. Sometimes the prospective student knows why he wants to participate in such a course.

Unfortunately, too many people of mediocre intelligence readily accept such treacherous and senseless statements. Open Preview See a Problem? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I am not suggesting that there should be any ‘blind faith’ in my statements, but only an honest investigation, deliberation and decision about them. Some have been developed by the writer himself, while others were taken years ago from sources now no longer available, as the authors are long since dead and their books have disappeared.