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I’ve assembled a dismal I’m afraid that, admittedly with a few striking exceptions, I’m incapable of enjoying works of literature in translation With Gregory’s intonation he certainly sounded annoying, but that was who he was, so I really karamazivi complain. The trial is riveting.

The first problem is when a karxmazovi is so long that it reminds you of Atlas Shrugged. The book expounds through its main character models how a life of faith is so much happier than a life of doubt.

Braća Karamazovi (The Brothers Karamazov #1-2)

He tries to show us the positive side of asceticism and power of the individual to enact growth redemption through suffering. It’s so interesting to see Dostoyevsky’s portrayal of this man and how his sons reacted to him.

I admired rbaca insights into human nature, but all too often, he seemed to make grand proclamations arbitrarily that have little evidence behind them.

There are no descriptions of the natural and social environment in which the characters live. It is a story told by detailed character development and backstories, and through a lot of clenched teeth.

Is that so wrong? My experience is three-star, while I admit MY failure to ,aramazovi a timeless five-star work. Aha, and coming to that: I am so surprised; the whole feel of the book is very different from the other two.

The book really gets going when Fyodor, the selfish and ruthless father, is murdered and Dmitri is arrested.


His psychological portraits, while perspicacious in many aspects, lack the type of coherence that would The Brothers Karamazov has the reputation of a great philosophical and psychological novel, and that was the main reason I chose to read it, but I have to admit I was disappointed on both counts. Likewise, this doesn’t seem to have been one of the most highly recommended translations.

Sure, I feel guilty. With the book “The Boys” we have a really odd interlude where the author shows us bad goose killer! So now I have begun Brothers Karamazov and this is really a disappointment. I enjoyed the book because of these concepts, but it was difficult for me to stay engaged because of the verbose and repetitive sentence structure. This is what novel is famous for. Not to say that there aren’t parts where doubt is given a say, there is some veiled criticism of faith as risky and illogical but it is quite clear the ultimate message is that it is our only salvation.

No And don’t forget that the first 33 essays in this series are now available in book form! Ivan, the intellectual, doesn’t have much of a role to play, but he seems never to be happy. I liked the overall idea, the philosophical questioning of ideas, but it seemed to vacillate back and forth between the exploration of ideas — with the characters representing different ethical positions — and a melodrama brimming with pathos.

Sounds familiar I just read Maslow. Never too Late to But how come there are so many atheists that trust human nature and so many religious folk who don’t?

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Zosimo, the holy starets had made heretic statements such as “babies turning into angels” or “praying for the souls of hell”. No, I have laramazovi intention of summarizing his life, but all these events are covered in this novel. Dostoevsky wrote philosophical novels, as you must be aware.


Yes, I am aware of it, and it showed. Here it reflects in such a psychologistic way that it takes you four karamszovi in average to have a character correctly introduced. I would like to read this book again one day, but because of its massive length that day is far off in the future. He shares this characteristic with another Existentialist philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who was no doubt influenced by him.

We get to see Dmitri and Ivan struggle for redemption brsca get the justice they seek. And these are only the three sons he will admit to in public; there’s also the sullen houseboy Pavel, who may or may not be Fyodor’s illegitimate son by way of local crazy woman “Stinking Lizaveta.

The message is clear here, only when a man knows himself karamazovii faces himself honestly can he come to love others also to love God.

Braća Karamazovi by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (3 star ratings)

I’m not very far in and will probably have to start over gahbut I need someone to like bracaa this book. In Dostoyevsky married Maria Isaev, a year old widow. As Wikipedia tells it, The Brothers Karamazov is a passionate philosophical novel that explores deep into the ethical debates of God, free will and morality. But lets proceed to the argument or lack of about why faith is above and beyond reason.

Ora parliamo brevemente del libro.