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If you bumped into him on the street, Renato Grbic might not strike you as a modern-day superhero — Serbian superman. The shaven-headed, tattooed Belgrade fisherman is no Clark Kent. When I hear the splash in the water, my heart starts beating faster, and there is mislu one question on my mind.

Will I get there in time? Grbic, 51, is an athletically fit man with a friendly face and a firm handshake who morphed into his superhero status over time. Back then people used to throw rubbish off the bridge, and when something hit the water we thought that someone had thrown blfz tire from up there. When we approached, we saw that it was a young man.

I gave him my hand and took him to the shore. My brother offered him a cigarette.

Since then he has saved another 24 people from the water, but despite the emotions of the moment, he does not keep in touch with them. The last person he saved several days ago was a year-old woman named Alisa who tried to take her own life because of love.


The only person who Grbic has kept in touch with is a girl he saved six years ago.

MISLILAC #misaodana #misli #poslovice #mudrosti | MISLILAC – Osvetli bre Um

We were outside, because it was a ,isli Sunday in January. She used the opportunity to run from the car and threw herself over the bridge. She was 18 back then. Grbic says that since the rescue, the young woman has gone on to marry and have a baby. If they try once, eventually they do it. About seven years ago, my brother and I dragged a middle-aged postman from the river and a month later in the newspapers I saw a familiar pqskal.

It was the same man. Most jump during the day. Over the years Grbic has saved people from all social backgrounds and has become something of an expert at spotting those likely to jump and their chances of survival. Those who go over the bridge in order to cross walk at pasal busy pace and do no more than glimpse at the water.

The suicides walk slowly, hesitantly, looking down at the river.

Serbian Superman and hero – the man and fisherman who saved 25 suicide jumpers with his boat

Those who survive the jump from 19 meters 63 feet always ask for help. Then they become aware of what they have done. He is a fourth generation fisherman who grew up on the Danube where he opened a fish restaurant with his wife under the Pancevo Bridge on the riverbank. Here, he spends most of his time watching the bridge. The walls of his restaurant are paekal with humanity awards.


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I feel very special after every rescue. There will be no one to rescue them. In ancient Greek mythology, it was Charon who was in charge of ferrying the dead across the River Styx on their final passage to Hades. Original text link is here.

On ih nije spasio! On ih je osudio na pakao!!!

Misli – Blez Paskal, Miro Glavurtić – Google Books

Deda ima 8, din penzije i rak. I to je,boli nju p…. To je misoi prihod koji imam. Uspeh mi je bio 5, Samo da se zna! Ja nisam izbeglica,muslimanka,romkinja,rumunka,grkinja itd.

Blagoslivljam te i mislim na tebe,u molitvi si. U dlan te je svoj urezao,dragocjena si mu i vrijedna i imenom te zove. Ne budi bez nade. To je jedini smisao. Neka vas oboje blagoslovi i zagrli Isus. Iz iskustva ti govorim. Dragi ljudi,neka vam srca ne budu tvrda,neka vam budu ona od mesa. Kolumna Alergije i hrana. Kako su namirnice postale izvor alergija i bolesti Uplatio joj parking kako ne bi dobila kaznu! Gastro Kako se pravi posna sarma — dva recepta za posne sarme 2.

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