SpeciesPseudotolithus typusCroaker. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!. Pseudotolithus is a genus of croaker or bar, ray-finned fish in the family Sciaenidae. Selected species[edit]. Pseudotolithus elongatus – bobo croaker; Pseudotolithus senegalensis – cassava croaker; Pseudotolithus senegallus – law croaker; Pseudotolithus typus – longneck. YHOPSIS C. Pseudotolithus. Prepared by. A.R. Longhurst. ‘o. BIOLOGICAL L[A ON WES’I’. RICAN CRO! ERS typus, P. senegalensis and P. elonatt. FOOD ND.

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Pseudotolithus typus, Longneck croaker : fisheries

Bleeker, Pseudotolithus typus Bleeker, Diagnosis: Mouth large, strongly obliquelower jaw distinctly gypus a pair of sharp canines near tip of upper jaw. Anterior end of the swimbladder with a pair of complicated tube-like appendages, divided into a group of a few short tubes anteriorly and a group of numerous long tubules running backward along ventral and lateral sides of bladder up to base of anal fin.


Scales ctenoid, except on top of head and in sub- orbital region, where they are cycloid. Loose aggregations may be formed by similar sized fish. Elsewhere, principally along the west coast of tropical Africa, from Senegal to Angola, becoming scarce north of typud Cape Verde Is. Eggs, larvae and young stages. Ovarian eggs, Collignon, Longhurst, a.

Human uses

Pseudotolithus typus Bleeker, Scientific pseudogolithus and common names Pseudotolithus typus Bleeker, Synonyms: Gambia ; nomen dubium, see Trewavas, Otolithus senegalensis nec Valenciennes: Sea perch Otolithus fishery. Symposium on oceanography and seafisheries on the West African coast.

Luanda 21stth NovemberSea Fisheries I. Bionomics of the Sdaenidae of Tropical West Africa.

A study of the Nigerian trawl fishery. Sud4 3A: A basis for classifying the sciaenid fishes of tropical West Africa. Synopsis of biological data on West African croakers.

FAO Fish Synopsis, 35 rev. You can continue searching for Pseudotolithus typus on one of these Web sites:. Pseudotolithus typus Bleeker, Scientific synonyms and common names Pseudotolithus typus Bleeker, Synonyms: Images Pseudotolithus typus map. You can continue searching for Pseudotolithus typus on one of these Web sites: