, Platform: Web Forms, Product: ASPxHtmlEditor, Type: Question, Subject: How to save (export) ASPxHtmlEditor. ASPxHtmlEditor Members · ASPxHtmlEditor Constructor Export( HtmlEditorExportFormat, Stream) Method Export(HtmlEditorExportFormat, String) Method. Hi Support, We are exporting PDF using ASPxHtmlEditor. Problem: We want to setup the printed page settings and want to control the page.

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The main idea of this approach is to use the PdfDocumentProcessor class functionality to load the PDF document and convert its pages to images.

I have in my report a BindingSource that is setted as the DataSource for the report, and i have a custom method that provides data to the DataSource of the report, so i dont need any DataAdapter it is set to null When i try to set the DynamicListLookupSetting using the EUD as if i was and end-user, running the applicationi need to set up the DataMember, rxport it happens that i dont want any data member, i want the parameter to be in the same context as my datasource and not inside one member.

How to get information about a geographical point using the MS Bing Geocode data provider.

Or am I missing something that this should be visible to Administrator. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. I have the same problem as Paolo: How to integrate a web charting module – ezport solution. Pawel Rymarczyk 1 at: I have in my report a BindingSource that is setted as the DataSource for the report, and i have a custom method that provides data to the DataSource of the report, so i dont need any DataAdapter it is set to null. The approach described aspxhttmleditor this example is a proof of the concept, but it should not be used in any real-life scenario.

  A320 TSM PDF

This example demonstrates how to manually add a series to the chart’s diagram, and then bind this series to the datasource.

Ok, i did it. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. With this, i cannot provide the ValueMember and DisplayMember correctly.

Hi Guys, the Issue Q mentioned above as one to be aware of is marked as private so this is quite tricky!

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

Implemented this yesterday after using the example of this from a long time ago admin mode and overall I like it. There are many devexpress short examples within the documentation pages without any comment on their meaning. How to create a 2D Pie Donut chart. As a better solution, add the ‘Update’ button to the tab page and use it to send a callback and resize the chart only when it is necessary.

This example solution is not yet tested with custom fields. Mail Merge toolbar and select a format to publish the document.

Post as a guest Name. To learn more about Exoort Map keys, please refer to the How to: How to use the dxChart in an ASP. To learn more about the Bing Maps key, please refer to the How to: In the current scenario, MyDetails shows up in the navigation group I specified, but also gets duplicated in the default group after you logon with the Configurator user.


Each point of a pie series should contain an argument and value, and their data type is automatically determined by expot chart.

You can find more information on how to use JS Charts in the following example: This I have noticed is an issue with a lot of functions in XAF but is usually solvable aspxhtmledditor. The exits apsxhtmleditor required? Seems like only Configurator should see it. How to calculate a route between waypoints and customize the appearance of a route path using a Bing Route web service. Check out the attached sample for a complete implementation and unit tests for this functionality.

Double’ property type to the ‘MyClassName’ type: The text is loaded from the code behind. Browsing All Articles Articles. Take special expoort that you can use these means with the PersistentAliasAttribute for filtering on the server side see the EntityType property within the EmployeeBase class.

c# – ASPxHtmlEditor resize with text inside – Stack Overflow

So I managed to find a way. To use this custom module in your project, do the following: In this example, the SetMasterFilter method is used to select the required rows in the Grid’s dashboard item.

Refer to the How to: This example demonstrates how to automatically put the FindPanel’s search text in quotation marks.