source: the report of the Arjun Sengupta. Committee to Review Policy for Public. Enterprises. Realising the critical role assigned to the public sector in the. 30 Aug Recommendations of Arjun Sengupta Committee Report. The Government had constituted an Ad-Hoc Group of Experts (AGE) in. This report “is focused on the informal or the unorganised economy The Commission had the following members: Dr. Arjun K. Sengupta, Dr.

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Arjun Kumar Sengupta

Recommendations of Arjun Sengupta Committee Report. There will be no provision for reimbursement of cost of medicines during domiciliary treatment. Upon his death, various published tributes to Dr.

Sage Publications, https: But, in India, the public expenditure on social security is a mere 1. For instance, the state schemes have by and large adopted the social assistance concept — the lone exception being Gujarat — without incorporating any element of insurance. This scheme, launched in July in 50 districts in the country, required a contribution of Senvupta 1 per day by the agricultural workers matched by a contribution of Rs 2 by the government of India to a scheme implemented by the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Retrieved 15 December The report suggests wrjun the government frame the scheme as recommended by it and set up a national social seengupta board to guide commmittee monitor its implementation through similar boards at state level. Similar is the case of unorganised sector re;ort, who do not get employment on a regular basis and in most cases are denied even the notified minimum wages. Pan to post As the Internet alters the grammar of cooking, a look at food in times of Insta, and when it rises as a Given the poor credibility of official poverty estimates, there is a case to shelve their usage for public policy purposes.

The commission report has noted that the public social security expenditure as a percentage of GDP is around 25 per cent for E U member countries and around 18 per cent for OECD member countries.

The entire increase in employment in this period in the organised sector over this period to has been informal in nature i. The remaining recommendations which had far reaching implications were considered later and the Cabinet in their meeting held in June, decided that the matter may, in the first instance, be considered by a Group of Ministers GoM.


These workers are engaged not only in teport unorganised sector but in the organised sector as well. The death and sickness benefits will be available only for the earning head of family.


Member of the parliament of india Rajya Sabhaacademic, civil servant, diplomat. This is bound to fail as the past experience of Krishi Samajik Suraksha Yojana cited earlier and the Unorganised Security Workers Social Security Schemewhich is virtually closed, as recorded in the commission report itself. He produced six reports on the Right to development between and According to Ravi Srivastava, Professor of Economics and Jawaharlal Nehru University”Sengupta’s contributions to the right to development constitute At the end ofabout million or 77 percent of the population were living below Rs.

Rrport service conditions, minimum wages and employment regulation relating to unorganised sector workers should also be part of a composite bill. In these two bodies representation had been given to NGOs and academics but not to trade unions.

A draft bill has been doing rounds in the government circles, which was virtually laid to committed during the NDA regime. The commission on its part appointed an advisory board as also a task force on social security. The terms of reference are very elaborate covering all aspects related to the unorganised sector enterprises.

Archived from the original on 2 October This is in contrast with the Government of India commitment in successive international labour conferences to take measures to mainstream the units and the workers senugpta the informal sector with the formal sector, in step with the ILO concept of addressing the decent work deficit.

The middle class and the rich grew from million to million while the neo rich of 91 million.

Report on Conditions of Work and Promotion of Livelihoods in the Unorganised Sector

The life insurance cover will fetch a benefit of Rs The recommendations of AGE relating to enhancing the powers delegated to Navratna, Miniratna and other profit making CPSEs were initially considered wengupta the proposals for enhancing the powers replrt to Navratna, Miniratna and other profit making CPSEs were comjittee by the Cabinet and orders in this regard were issued on 5 August.


As regards the recommendation that the Ministries should sengipta CPSE-specific criteria to determine overall performance independent of profitability, it has been decided that the existing performance evaluation parameters will be allowed to operate for 3 years and reviewed after a period of 3 years.

One of the major highlights of this Report is the existence and quantification of unorganised or informal workers, defined as those who do commjttee have employment security, work security and social security. Uncategorized — odrf 7: W R Varada Rajan.

There are even recommendations that the shortfall in this interest rate of 10 per cent will be topped up by the National Social Security Fund and that State Boards may declare illusory? Such a sordid picture coexists uneasily with a shining India that has successfully confronted the challenge of globalisation powered by increasing economic competition both within the country and across the world….

Even in respect of this PF amount there will be a lock-in period of ten years, during which the worker will not be allowed to get refund of his money even if he were to lose the job and be permanently disabled.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Even assuming that the unorganised sector workers pay up this Rs per annum, the benefits proposed under senguptx scheme are meagre and delivery thereof is doubtful. The adoption of appropriate policies senguptq from that obligation. It suggested designing special schemes for the vulnerable sections of Indian society through better targeting and social engineering.

The retrograde nature of these recommendations is self-revealing.