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AR , paragraph a; NGR , paragraph a(1). Involuntary REFRAD due to YES. NGR , Para 5a(3); AR , Ch. 6, Sec. III. May 1, Regulation (AR) , but it does not identify key internal controls that must .. accordance with NGR (Termination of Appointment and. Superseded/Replaced Other Pub/Form, SUPERSEDED AR , 05/01/ ; SUPERSEDED AR , 06/01/ Footnotes, APPLICABLE TO.

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It also includes any foreign nation court or administrative order recognized by treaty or international agreement. A former spouse is not a family member. Army lawyers designated to advise and assist soldiers and their families on family law matters. A related publication is merely a source of additional information.

32 CFR Appendix A to Part , Reference | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

The chief legal officer and his or her staff who advise commanders on laws and regulations affecting the command. The total amount of money a soldier owes a family member for prior months in which the soldier failed to comply with the minimum support requirements of this regulation.

An amount of money prescribed by law that a soldier receives to defray high housing costs in the continental United States. Department of the Army. The user does not have to read it to understand this regulation. Appendix A to Part – Reference.

The Army Privacy Program. Any written agreement between husband and wife in which the amount of periodic financial support to be provided by the soldier spouse has been agreed to by the parties. A written or oral complaint by a family member, or a third party acting on behalf of a family member, that alleges that the soldier is violating a court order granting custody of minor children to someone other than the soldier.


It also includes a complaint by a mother of a child born out of wedlock against a soldier father who has abducted or detained the child.

Gross pay does not include wages from off-duty employment. As used in this regulation, the term soldier includes commissioned officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel. An amount of money prescribed and limited by law that a soldier receives to pay for quarters not provided by the Government.

Uniform Code of Military Justice. Release of Information and Records from Army Files. A written or oral complaint by a family member, or a third party acting on behalf of a family member, that alleges one of the following:.

Includes command judge advocates and post judge advocates, but not legal assistance attorneys 635-1000 attorneys assigned to the Trial Defense Service. For support purposes, gross pay includes basic pay and allowances to include special, incentive, and other pay when received on a monthly basis.

A written support agreement may be contained in a separation agreement or property settlement agreement. Gross pay does not include funds not received on a monthly basis that is, enlistment and reenlistment bonuses and accrued leave payments.

Cornell Law School Search Cornell. Also, the support agreement may be shown by letters exchanged between the parties in which the amount of support has been agreed to by the 65-100. A soldier’s minor children from present and former marriages, including children legally adopted by the soldier. In the context of this regulation, a legal assistance attorney also includes a lawyer retained by a soldier at his or her own expense.


Identification Cards, Tags, and Badges. Any other person for example, parent, stepchild, etc. The provision in a 653-100 order or separation agreement directing the soldier to provide financial support to a family member on a periodic basis. As used in this regulation, court order includes all judicial and administrative orders and decrees, permanent and temporary, granting child custody, directing financial support, and executing paternity findings.

AR 635-100 Officer Personnel

Headquarters, Department of the Army. A soldier’s present spouse. Court orders are presumed valid in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

A family member does not include the child of a soldier who has been legally adopted by another person. Any record under DA control from which 635-010 is retrieved by the name of the individual or by his or her SSN. Such matters include marriage, divorce, adoption, paternity, child custody problems, and support obligations.