AGARICUS MUSCARIUS. By D~. C. E. WtIn~LEI~. This drug study is one of the last worl~ (so far as we know) of the late Dr. Wheeler. ‘I!nIs is a fungus that is. The Guide to Homeopathy. Intro · Product Finder · Children’s Formulas · Shop All · Special Offer. Bulky Product. Agaricus Muscarius 30c. Hover to zoom. The OTC potency range of AGARICUS MUSC is 2x–30x, 1c–30c, c, 1m, 10m, 50m, and CM. Availability is subject to change. All WHP single remedies are.

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Belonging to a low order of vegetation Agar. Twitchings in the eyeballs, eyelids, cheeks, posteriorly in the chest, in the abdomen. Frequent sneezing without coryza. Circumscribed erythematous, papular and ayaricus and edematous lesions.

Small solid balls of phlegm thrown up. On the other hand, all symptoms are worse indoors and at rest, except vertigo, which may be muscariys worse or better in a room. Insipid and fetid taste in the mouth. Somewhat allied to chilblains is bunion, for which Agar. Learn how to find a homeopathic treatment for yourself or your family.


Very drowsy after dinner. Sexual appetite enormous and enthusiastic, with relaxed penis and impotence. The nervous patients requiring Agar. Digging pain and sensation as from a bruise in the brain.

Sings, talks, but does not answer. Lumbago; worse in open air. Throws up small flocculi or solid lumps of phlegm almost without any cough.

Violent shivering and trembling over the whole body, with heat in the face and cold in the hands. Brownish spots like flies before the eyes.

Gums swollen, painful, and readily bleeding. Palpitation with redness of face. Third to thirtieth and two hundredth potency.

Agaricus muscarius

Flow of viscous mucus from the urethra. Neuralgia, as if cold needles ran through nerves or sharp ice touched them.

Menses too profuse and early, with tearing, pressive pains in back and abdomen. Trembling of hands, and coldness. In all these respects the drug accurately corresponds with the disease. Itching of the hairy scalp, especially early in the morning. Muscarkus, with much itching internally and externally. Lancinating, tearing pain in cheeks, as of splinters.


Buzzing in the ears. Twitching in the right cheek. Pain, as if a nail were driven into the head, worse when sitting quietly, better by slowly moving about. Loose stools in the form of pap, with flatulency and severe colic.

Agaricus muscarius | National Center for Homeopathy

Desire to cover head warmly. Dryness of the nose. Itching in the interior and on the exterior of the nose.

Drawing pressure in the malleoli.