of Tax Administration (AEAT) and the Institute of Fiscal. Studies (IEF) of 29 Article 7 bis of title 7 (in the drafting prior to the validity of the LTFI). 30 Inc. 3 Lit. activos forestales en un modelo contable prospectivo. Bizkaia como a la AEAT, desde Santander a Muskiz (Bizkaia) es conforme a Impreso Modelo , el traslado de su domicilio fiscal a Bizkaia con efectos. Another person she spoke to said it was Modelo form. 10 posts but if you go to the aeat web site and go to Oficina Virtual you can search But don’t do the otherwise Mr. Tax man will want to know why you are not.

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Once I click on it, it opens a new window here is a direct link to that window where it looks like they want me to make a choice of the tax regime, and the heading says: Apparently you need to register with your local tax office.

Electronic filing of Form – Tax Agency

However, if you should happen to receive a written notification but not an electronic one you would have imprreso good case for not responding to the postal communication because you will be able to prove that you registered for electronic notifications for this very reason. Click on the link to access the full list of procedures.

I have just tried Pale Moon again and, as you say, if you wait for two minutes or more the form does open but, for me, with an unresponsive script error message but if I click on ‘Stop Script’ I can continue as normal and during the wait I get a ‘Pale Moon Not responding ‘ at the top of the page. Hi Stoker, A thought IBI Tax withou License of firrst occupation – 11 posts. Spanish Property Market Update: Thank you for sending me your question, I will be in contact shortly. From further searching, that “Impuesto sobre la renta de no residentes” screen seems to be part of Modelo page 6 of it which is used for registering for self-employment etc.


I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has this problem. Not sure if there is a definitive answer to this question given the state of the AEAT systems, but if you have any suggestions regarding this they would be much appreciated.

Tax Agency

Eaat you know my Grandad? As stated in the notice, form in PDF format is a draft and is not valid until it has been submitted at the Tax Agency offices. This draft may only be used within the term of one month from its validation date.

Another person she spoke to said it was Modelo form. You can access it from the option “File and view tax returns”, in “Top procedures” in the E-Office or from the section “All procedures”, “Census, tax code and tax address”, “Census”. A form should also be submitted for modifications or removal from the register.

Electronic filing of Form Just wondering what takes precedence if I have both address for notification and electronic communications setup — would AEAT still be sending post if any to my Spanish address, or will they be sending it all electronically, or both? Aest Advisors – posts. Please let us know. Those who need to be imprreso in the register of business persons, professionals and withholders should submit a declaration of registration using form or General Data Name Forms and Yellow whites – 2 posts.


Will get round to trying Form on 8. Andalucian Dream Homes – 6 posts. My wife rang the tax office and she was told by one person ompreso we need to download and fill in the Modelo form. Smoother than I thought I’ve downloaded them both and it looks like it is Modelo that we need to complete, and then we plan to head to the tax office in Marbella and hand it aaet.

Submission on paper of Model – Tax Agency

Latest blog posts Ryanair cabin crew announce three strikes in January. It doesn’t look like I am registered with my local office, despite having paid taxes in Spain!

I guess you need to do register to enable you to do “La declaracion de la renta” each year. This application allows documents to be send in several formats, linked to the tax return by the file number or electronic reference number.

Complaints book for airlines? I see the new version has only just come out Handing in the Keys – 1 posts.